Every year, we sponsor multiple youth teams in the communities we serve. We do this through several different organizations and a wide variety of sports. Baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and football…you name it and we’ve probably sponsored it. With all sports, injury is a natural concern. As parents, we want to keep our children out of harm’s way and keep them safe. However, with proper coaching, safety awareness, and supervision we can minimize the risk and allow our kids to keep playing.

There are obvious benefits of organized sports, such as physical health and a practice of discipline. There are also other benefits that may not be as apparent. For some children, being part of a team can help them with their confidence and self-esteem. This allows for kids to feel better about themselves and creates a sense of pride in what they do. People with confidence tend to do better in school, at home, and socially with their friends.

Sports can also build a sense of community, a feeling of belonging. Accomplishing a shared goal can be a powerful thing and allow kids to bond in unique way. Growing up, some of our best friends are those we met on the court or in the field. We learned to work together with the guidance of our coach. Bound by competitiveness and love of the game, we forged relationships in both valiant successes and heartbreaking defeats.

Athletic sports teams are not for everyone. For a lot of kids, this is not what they want to do and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. For those who wish to participate, we need to make sure they have access to good coaching, proper equipment, and organization so that they can do it safely. This is where the youth sports clubs come in. They are vital to our communities and we absolutely love being able to sponsor teams and to keep kids playing. If you are looking for help with youth sports or activities, please reach out to us. Thank you for reading!


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