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Top 5 Pollinators – Bee Edition!

Top 5 Pollinators – Bee Edition!

In my last post I went on at length about European honeybees and their importance in agriculture and pollination. I hold to that stance but ever since that story posted I’ve been barraged with messages, scathing criticisms, even a few death threats. They all had the...

To Bee…or not to Bee?

To Bee…or not to Bee?

With the turn of the year, we find ourselves on the tail end of winter here in Oregon. That doesn't mean it’s going to get nice out, we still have months of rain ahead of us. However, it does mean that were going to start getting some warmer days occasionally. String...

Wasps…what are they good for?

Wasps…what are they good for?

Mad at me you fly/ You think I threaten your home/ I was just mowing       I wrote that Haiku. It’s bad. But you know what isn’t all bad? Wasps. When it comes to public relations wasps have really gotten the short end of the stick. While bumble bees and...

COVID-19: Gift Card Giveaway

Our local communities are being impacted greatly by this Coronavirus pandemic and at Good Earth, we decided to try and help. Many businesses are being asked to close their doors and thousands are losing their jobs locally. This is our plan to help ease the burden on...

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