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Living amongst wildlife is one of the many benefits of residing in Western Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. It’s important to remember that we share our environment with them, and they are part of a larger ecosystem that requires protection and care.

Unfortunately, sometimes these creatures can become pests. They can carry diseases, cause damage to your home or business, and be dangerous for pets or loved ones.

Tips for controlling wildlife around your home or business

The easiest way to deter wildlife from becoming a problem is to minimize two things: food and shelter.

To minimize possible wildlife food sources, you should:

  • Feed domestic pets indoors,
  • Never purposely feed wildlife,
  • Secure your garbage and compost,
  • Be aware of bird feeder placement, and
  • Pick up fruit and vegetables that grow around your home. Don’t let them stay on the ground.

To minimize wildlife shelter, you should focus on sealing up your home/buildings to be critter-proof. Make sure to seal all potential entry points with sturdy materials, such as metal wire and flashing, so that wildlife cannot enter the building.

If you need help with identifying entry points or the actual exclusion repairs, we are happy to help!

Good Earth Pest Company offers services for many types of wildlife when they become a problem, including:

  • Bats – They’re very beneficial and actually protected. However, they become a pest when high numbers decide to live in a structure. We have technicians certified in bat exclusion who can safely remove bats from structures while minimizing disruption and without harm.
  • Birds – Birds are beautiful and amazing creatures, but they are not great to have nesting in or on your home. We have strategies to help deter them so that they don’t become a problem.
  • Gophers – They love to eat the roots of your plants and can create massive damage with their tunnels.
  • Moles – They’re great at hunting and eating earthworms, but also great at tearing up your lawn! Our team of professionals can offer a trapping program to remove them from your space.
  • Opossums – While somewhat beneficial, opossums are considered an “invasive species” in Oregon and so their populations are controlled by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • Raccoons – While furry and cute, raccoons can actually be quite dangerous and will eat almost anything. Once they start living in a house, they become quite the problem!
  • Skunks – They’re cute, stinky, and easy to identify. Skunks become an issue when they start to use homes and businesses as dwellings. Nobody wants a smelly house guest.
  • Squirrels – We have several species of squirrels in Oregon, some invasive and some native. They are adorable but can actually create a lot of damage in certain circumstances.
  • Voles – These tiny rodents make small holes and tunnels in lawns all across the Willamette Valley. If their numbers get high, we can offer a trapping program to remove them from your property.
At Good Earth Pest Company, we take pride in our personal, friendly, and conscientious service. We understand that dealing with wildlife problems can be stressful and disruptive to your daily life. That’s why we strive to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible, while still delivering exceptional results. We are committed to effective wildlife control that doesn’t compromise your comfort or safety.


Currently Good Earth Pest Company is able to provide wildlife removal in the following cities and surrounding areas:

  • Salem
  • Dallas
  • Corvallis
  • Albany
  • Lebanon
  • Eugene
  • Springfield
  • Newport
  • Lincoln City

Pricing for wildlife control varies depending on the type of animal, the extent of the problem, and the amount of exclusion needed.


The technicians do a great job. Knocks to make sure we are here and dogs are safe before he does the job. Very professional.

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Prompt, friendly, very good at what they do. I would recommend them to anyone needing pest control services.

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I wouldn’t think of calling anyone else! Amazing customer service!!!!!!

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Good Earth is reliable, affordable, and careful about their work. Their staff is consistently friendly and professional. We’re happy.

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This business goes above and beyond customer service. Each employee brings something to the table. They are easy to communicate with and I recommend them to you.

Michelle C

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Never seen a rodent in my house and don’t want to. I credit Good Earth for keeping the little critters OUT! Best company EVER!!!

Rebecca Butler

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Besides keeping our home free of carpenter ants and rats, the office staff is always super-friendly and helpful when I contact them.

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First visit. Joe was on time, very personable and took the lead on what we needed. Very please to find this service.

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Good Earth Core Values

These values are the guide to every decision we make.

  1. Going above and beyond expectations for our clients.
  2. Accountability and integrity in everything we do.
  3. Safety for the environment, our clients, and ourselves.
  4. The Good Earth Family: Work as a team and always treat each other with respect and support.



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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What does “Good Earth” mean?

    Good Earth has been providing low impact pest control since 1989. We provide solutions through a holistic approach, putting emphasis on exclusion, education, sanitation, and environmental changes while carefully selecting pesticides to use when necessary.

    Is Good Earth a chain or franchise?

    No, we are a 100% independent organization. There are other companies throughout this country with similar names, but they are not affiliated with us in any way.


    Does Good Earth use chemicals?

    Yes, we do use some chemicals, but we are very careful in selecting which ones to use. Our approach is to always choose the best product based on 3 factors:

    • Lowest toxicity to people and their pets
    • Must be effective in controlling pests at a low dosage rate
    • Low impact on the surrounding environment

    What about contracts?

    Good Earth does not have locked-in contracts. We use service agreements that do not have any sort of cancellation punishment or buy-out cost. Basically, we will continue serving you as a client for as long as you wish with NO obligation or penalty for cancelling service.


    Is Good Earth really a family business?

    Absolutely. Good Earth is owned by Rich and Rene Kesecker, with each of their 2 children being involved in daily operations. In addition, there are other extended family members and spouses who are also part of the business. However, regardless of their last name, anybody who is employed here is considered part of the Good Earth Family. It is one of our Core Values.

    Are the products you use toxic?

    In pest control, everything used carries some toxicity. We choose products that are the least toxic to our clients and their pets. In fact, 99% of the products we use only carry a “CAUTION” label, the lowest signal word regarding human toxicity. Still, we cannot say that they are non-toxic, only that they are very low in toxicity to people and their pets.

    Will I see the same person every time my service is performed?

    For the most part, yes. We try to have a dedicated technician per account. However, if an employee takes time off or is sick, then the schedules will need to be adjusted and you may have someone different doing your service.

    What about bees and other beneficial pollinators?

    Good Earth has some in house policies that are put into place to specifically protect bees.

    • We never treat honey or bumble bee nests, even if they are in the wall of someone’s home. At that point, it is best to involve a beekeeper to try and remove and retain the nest.
    • We never service around or above plants where bees are actively foraging.
    • We do not use neonicotinoids on the exterior of buildings. Neonicotinoids are great products but there has been some debate lately on their role in declining health of bee colonies. We proactively made the choice to not use these materials on the exterior of buildings until more conclusive research is done. We do use these products on the interior of homes for very specific services, such as bed bug and flea treatments.

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