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Velvety Tree Ants – They’re anything but soft

Here in the pacific northwest, we’re no stranger to ants. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “They built my house on an anthill” I’d have, well, like 50 bucks. That’s enough for Burgerville for me and bae, including marionberry shakes and some Walla...

Sugar Ants: Oregon’s #1 Pest!

Sugar Ants: Oregon’s #1 Pest!

Sugar ant, grease ant, vinegar ant, people have all sorts of names for little black ants. They invade your kitchens and infiltrate your bathrooms. They even infest your pantries! Every region has its problem with ants but if you are in Oregon and have ants in your...

COVID-19: Gift Card Giveaway

Our local communities are being impacted greatly by this Coronavirus pandemic and at Good Earth, we decided to try and help. Many businesses are being asked to close their doors and thousands are losing their jobs locally. This is our plan to help ease the burden on...

Good Earth Dream Program

Good Earth Dream Program

Dreams, we all have them. In our youth, they are easy to define, and everything seems attainable. People around you, along with most of the world, tell you to “reach for the stars” or “follow your dreams.” As we get older, this encouragement slows down and the voices...

GE Holiday Adoption

GE Holiday Adoption

Traditions are important. They allow us to come together, create memories, and give us a chance for reflection or pause. We have a few annual traditions at Good Earth, but one holds a special place in our hearts. Every year, we shop as a team for 30 underprivileged...

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