Handy Man Services and More

Good Earth Home Services

Good Earth Home Services, launched in March of 2008, can offer many different services to help you around your home. 

Rodent Surveys: These surveys will identify possible rodent entry points and areas of concern in and around your home or structure. Our Home Services Team will educate you and provide expertise found nowhere else. 

Pest Exclusion: Good Earth offers full pest exclusion. We will seal up your home or structure, eliminating any entry points for rodents and wildlife. This offers a permanent solution, creating a safer and more sanitary living environment. Our exclusion work carries a 1 year warranty that is renewable.

Deodorization: Having a problem with odor? We will find the source, remove it if possible, and treat the area with a natural enzyme material that will remove the natural odor.

Handy Man Services: Keeping up with everyday home maintenance can feel like a full time job, projects don’t get finished and chores go undone. Good Earth Home Services can help you. Here is a short list of solutions that we offer:

  • Appliance Replacement
  • Assembly
  • Bathroom Floor Repair
  • Deck/Porch Repair
  • Fence and Gate Repairs
  • Foundation Vents
  • Garage Doors
  • General Repairs
  • Damaged Wood Replacement
  • Shed Repairs
  • Trim Work
  • Windows and Doors

Do you have a problem not covered on the list? Call us today to find out how we can help!

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