Spiders in Oregon

Spiders are cool, but they sometimes scare people. Spiders, for the most part, are beneficial creatures and do their part in reducing the number of bugs and flying insects in your home. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have very few harmful spiders to be worried about.

Spiders, for the most part, are beneficial creatures and do their part in reducing the number of bugs and flying insects in your home. Spiders are actually pretty cool, but they sometimes scare people. In fact, arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, is one of the most commonly diagnosed phobias! Spiders are easily mistaken for insects, but they are part of the arachnid family which makes them more similar to scorpions and ticks.

Spiders tend to prey on insects, spiders, and other small organisms. They will rely on either their webs or hunting skills to provide their next meal. Many spiders bite, but usually only as a defense when the spider feels threatened. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have very few harmful spiders to be worried about.

The Willamette Valley is home to several spider species that can be a nuisance for homeowners and business owners. Some of the most common species include:

Black Widow Spiders: These spiders are known for their distinctive red hourglass shape on their underside. They are venomous and can cause serious health problems for those who are bitten.

Hobo Spiders: These spiders are brown in color and have a funnel-shaped web. Their bites can be painful and cause skin lesions.

Yellow Sac Spiders: These spiders are yellow in color and are typically found in homes. They are known to bite when threatened, and their bites can cause pain and swelling.

Wolf Spiders: These spiders are large and hairy and can be found both indoors and outdoors. Although their bites are not usually serious, they can be painful.

Are there dangerous spiders in Oregon?

Poisonous spiders emit venom from their fangs which can produce some unfavorable symptoms including welts, rashes, localized swealing, or blistering. Depending on the spider, these symptoms can become much more severe and result in nausea, vomiting, headaches, fevers, cramping, and in some cases death. 

You may have heard of the Hobo spider, Eratigena agrestis, which is a spider to be weary of. Although it is common to see these around Oregon, the actual threat of this spider has been long-debated and recently they have been removed from the CDC’s list of harmful venomous spiders. In reality, most arachnologists believe that much of this spider’s lore comes down to the misdiagnosis of spider bites causing necrotic reactions. These symptoms can be caused by a wide variety of things but often the spider is first to be blamed. Also, we have several other spider species here that look very similar and require a trained eye and a microscope to properly identify.

Here in Western Oregon, we also have Black Widow spiders, but they are fairly rare to see. Most often, they can be found under homes, in some attic spaces, and under decks where they are not disturbed. We humans can have pretty negative reactions to their venom, so it is best to leave these spiders alone if you do find them.

How can I get rid of spiders?

If you dislike spiders or the webs they create, you can take some measures to make your structure less attractive to them and reduce their numbers.

  • Physically remove webs as they appear, you can use a duster or a vacuum.
  • Pay special attention to exterior lights, spiders will congregate here because of the insects.
  • Manage your landscape so that vegetation is not overgrown or touching the house.
  • Remove any storage right up against the house.
  • Don’t keep firewood or lumber stored nearby.
  • Make sure your window and door screens are in good working order.
  • Seal any gaps, cracks, or possible entry points from the exterior.
  • Reduce the overall insect population (their food) around your home.

At Good Earth Pest Company, we take pride in our personal, friendly, and conscientious service. We understand that dealing with spider problems can be stressful and disruptive to your daily life. That’s why we strive to make the pest control process as easy and hassle-free as possible, while still delivering exceptional results. Our tagline, “Hard on Bugs, Soft on You,” encapsulates our commitment to effective pest control that doesn’t compromise your comfort or safety.

If you are having issues with spiders and want some help, give us a call.

Spider control is best achieved with our Standard Insect Program and Premiere Insect plus Rodent Program

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If you are still having issues with spiders and need help, give us a call at 877-517-7378. Spider control is best achieved with our Standard Insect Program.


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