Rodents in Oregon

Rodents are prolific here in Oregon, and they are much more than just a nuisance. The two most common types of rodents we see entering homes are rats and mice. Both readily spread disease, contaminate food, host fleas, and cause structural damage. Rats and mice are warm-blooded mammals like us and can be found throughout the world. All rodents have oversized front teeth, used for gnawing and chewing, which continuously grow throughout their lives.

In natural habitats, rats and mice usually live only about 4-6 months. However, they can live for up to a year if given a more hospitable environment, such as your home. They are naturally wary of new things which can make trapping extremely difficult depending on the situation.

What are the most common rodents in Oregon?

We regularly see the following rodents in Oregon homes and businesses:

  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • House mice
  • Field mice
  • Deer mice
Why are rodents in my house?

Rodents are some of the most adaptable creatures on earth. Simply put, rats and mice enter your home seeking two things: food and shelter. Rats and mice are both commensal rodents, meaning that they like to live in groups once they locate a friendly environment. The key is finding the entry points that allow them to enter in the first place. The general rule is a mouse can enter anything ¼ inch or greater in diameter and a rat can enter anything greater than ½ inch.

Once identified, these entry points should be completely sealed properly to shut the door to rodents and get you long-term relief. Any rodents remaining in the structure should be trapped and removed.

If you need help with this, then schedule a rodent inspection today! We will identify all entry points and provide a bid for Good Earth to make the necessary exclusion repairs. Find out more about our Rodent Solutions.

What about rodents outside my house?

Depending on where in Oregon you live, rodent sightings on the exterior of your home can be very common. To decrease the possibility of an infestation, there are some things you can do:

  • Reduce food sources directly around your home. (Compost, fruits or veggies on the ground, bird seed, garbage, pet food, etc.)
  • Reduce storage directly around the exterior of your home so that it does not become a habitat.
  • Reduce vegetation that creates heavy or thick ground cover.
  • Keep tree branches and vegetation from touching the exterior of your home.
  • Seal all possible entry points – contact a pest control professional for assistance if needed.

It’s OK to have rodents on the exterior of your home in small numbers, as long as that’s where they stay. However, if they gain entry and an infestation starts, you may need some professional help.

Rodents are not something to ignore. If you are having issues or would like protection for you and your home, then call us today. We have a dedicated team of technicians who specialize in rodent control. We offer custom control strategies that are suited to your specific needs.

If you are experiencing a rodent infestation, then contact us immediately to schedule your inspection.

At Good Earth Pest Company, we take pride in our personal, friendly, and conscientious service. We understand that dealing with rodent problems can be stressful and disruptive to your daily life. That’s why we strive to make the pest control process as easy and hassle-free as possible, while still delivering exceptional results. We are committed to effective rodent control that doesn’t compromise your comfort or safety.

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Find out more about our Rodent Solutions and our Premier Service Program.

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