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house spidersDuring this transition period of late Summer to early Fall, you may be seeing more spiders. Spiders for the most part, are beneficial creatures. They feed on insects and other smaller organisms, rarely biting humans and only in defense. Most spiders are harmless to humans, but there are some that can be dangerous. The CDC has some greatinformation on the common poisonous spiders found here in this country. As you will see, Oregon does have the Black Widow and Hobo Spiders, but we do not have any Brown Recluses.

Spiders are mostly beneficial. However, in abundance, they can become a pest in and around your home. Luckily, Good Earth is here to help! We will inspect your home and work with you to make it less inviting for arachnids. If you would like, our Quarterly Service works well for spider control, incorporating web removal and an exterior service. Contact us today to see schedule an inspection!










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As a local, family business Good Earth Pest is focused on providing environmentally responsible solutions that give our clients the best possible results. That commitment extends to providing systems that make working with us a breeze.

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